It was important to see the buildings and hear from the district directly

Article posted on May 12, 2017

We toured two schools in the Erie City School District this morning before holding our hearing.  Our first visit was to Collegiate Academy.  The building was built in 1917 and is a beautiful structure; that said, it is crumbling apart and has sections of the building closed because of the damage, some structural.  Despite the facility issues, the school is rated as the 4th best high school in the state.  This flies in the face of many in the education industry who say they must have new classrooms for children to succeed.  We then toured Central Tech High School.  This is one of the few vo techs that have all of the course work in the same building.  The hearing went long, but provided a lot of information about the district’s financial situation and the process of handling school districts in financial distress.  We heard from the Secretary of Education, the administrators of the school district, a panel of local businessmen who have been helping the district, and three superintendents from neighboring districts who would have to absorb students from the Erie district if the high schools closed. Blog It was important for the committee to see the buildings and hear from the district directly about their circumstances.


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