Come together every session day

Article posted on May 8, 2017

Although Mondays during session are scheduled, they are, in part, preparation days for the week ahead.  We generally have our longest caucus meeting to discuss not only that day’s floor calendar, but to touch on items for Tuesday and Wednesday.  We also receive committee packets for the meetings scheduled.  We generally know on Friday what will be on the committee meeting agendas, but getting all of the correspondence, etc. on the legislation is helpful in preparing for the meetings.  Additionally, we speak to other members, lobbyists, and constituents about the bills on the committee and floor agendas.  Sometimes bills are pulled because of questions or lack of support; sometimes amendments are proposed to change the language.  These things all come together quickly and if you’re chairing a committee or setting the floor calendar, you spend a lot of time working with others to make sure the bill is legally sound and has the votes to pass.  Sometimes it gets pretty hectic, but the meetings and floor calendar come together every session day.


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