Better Care, More Access

Article posted on May 9, 2017

This morning I joined Representatives Judy Ward and Paul Schemel, the PA Family Institute, and the Susan B. Anthony organization at a news conference to present the facts about the services Planned Parenthood provides in PA.  PP put out false information following the passage of SB 300 about the services they provide and all of the “good” work they do.  Despite saying on their website that they provide prenatal care, they do not provide this care at any of their clinics in PA; despite telling people about providing mammograms, they are not licensed to provide mammograms at any clinic in PA; despite telling people that they operate 32 clinics for women’s health in PA, they operate 25.  We know that the Federally Qualified Health Clinics provide 13 areas of health services and PP only provides a portion of 3.  And we know that the women’s health services PP does provide has continued to decrease significantly, while their abortion business increases.  After looking at the facts, it doesn’t make much sense to direct our citizens and our tax dollars to a PP clinic when other options that provide much better care are available.  My bill, SB 300, truly helps women and families get “Better Care, More Access.”


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