“Better Care. More Access.” Coalition brings facts, fresh voice to much-needed women’s healthcare funding debate

Article posted on May 9, 2017

NEWS RELEASE from the Pennsylvania Family Council:

HARRISBURG (May 9, 2017) – Today, members of the “Better Care. More Access.” Coalition along with Sen. John Eichelberger, Rep. Judy Ward and Rep. Paul Schemel and other invited guests spoke out in favor of SB 300 and pending House legislation that would prioritize state funding for family planning to sites that provide better care and more access for women in need.

(CLICK HERE to watch the news conference)

“Pennsylvanians deserve to have their tax dollars spent in the most effective ways possible and withheld from organizations that perform abortions,” says Michael Geer, president for the Pennsylvania Family Council. “Women across Pennsylvania deserve better care and more access to women’s medical services. These are the precise aims of SB 300, and why we urge its prompt passage.”

There exist several differences between Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania, not the least of which involves mammograms and prenatal care — key women’s health services.  Neither is offered by any Planned Parenthood site.  In contrast, FQHC’s are seeing significant increases in mammograms and prenatal care they provide to needy clients.

Regarding access, there are just 25 Planned Parenthood facilities spanning 16 counties in Pennsylvania compared to over 300 FQHC in 52 counties.

Federally Qualified Health Centers offer comprehensive care, including women’s health and family planning, prenatal care, mental health services and dental care.  Planned Parenthood has a limited set of services that are in a steady decline except for their abortion business, which is increasing and covers over half of all abortions in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Family Council applauds Senator John Eichelberger for his lead on SB 300 and the Senate Finance Committee members who voted in favor of this good legislation.  We now encourage the full Senate to vote in favor of SB 300 to the benefit of taxpayers and for better care and more access for women.  For more information: bettercaremoreaccess.com

Contact for Pennsylvania Family Council:  Michael Geer, 717-576-1314, mgeer@pafamily.org

Contact for Senator Eichelberger:  Patrick Schurr, 1-866-509-3424, pschurr@pasen.gov


The Pennsylvania Family Council is a non-profit organization based in Harrisburg that provides a platform for informing and coordinating with those Pennsylvanians who care deeply about liberty and the cultural and societal issues that affect the family. It is supported by private donations from its many supporters across the Commonwealth. pafamily.org

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