There would be unanimous support

Article posted on April 26, 2017

My bill to set priorities in funding for family planning services passed the Senate Finance Committee this morning.  The meeting room was packed with Planned Parenthood advocates, who required the Senate Security’s attention from time to time.  The provisions of this bill would help women and families secure better and more comprehensive health care by directing more of them to clinics offering a broad array of health services including: Federally Qualified Health Clinics, hospitals, and Rural Health Clinics.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Planned Parenthood provided data on areas of service provided by FQHC’s and Planned Parenthood; FQHC’s provided 13 areas of care, PP clinics provided 3, and the 3 were more limited in scope.  If the number of services offered by these providers were reversed, the PP advocates would be asking for the funding to be changed so more people would be directed to their clinics.  If this was just about health care, and that’s what my bill addresses, there would be unanimous support.


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