Surprise, surprise, none bothered to check

Article posted on April 23, 2017

Most of the stories today were on the Mike Stack situation.  There were a few over the past couple of days on the Education Committee meeting last week where we passed the bill which would clarify the law on school districts allowing employees to carry guns if they comply with prescribed requirements.  One of the Senators asked repeatedly for a hearing on this bill, saying that he wanted more information.  A previous chairman of the committee still serves on the committee and said that he held a hearing on this bill before.  The senator asking for the hearing said that he wasn’t on the committee then and wanted to delay the vote on this bill until we held a hearing.  After the hearing, I learned that this senator was on the committee at that time and not only attended the hearing, but made public comments about the bill that were reported by the media.  Asking for a hearing on a bill is generally a stall tactic by someone who doesn’t like a bill.  Very few bills have a hearing, and when we hold hearings, many of the members either can’t or won’t attend.  If any of the reporters would have bothered to check on this senator’s history on the bill, they would have dismissed his comments about needing more information; but surprise, surprise, none of them bothered to check.


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