Obviously, their arguments weren’t very persuasive in the Senate

Article posted on April 18, 2017

We had a joint hearing this morning concerning how seniors would be treated, financially and otherwise, if the Dept. of Aging is combined with three other departments.  The more information we have about this issue, the better.  The Senate unanimously passed my bill on school superintendent contracts today.  Superintendents have employment contracts with school districts for three- to five-year terms.  Under current law, a 150 day notice has to be given to a superintendent or assistant superintendent if the school board does not wish to extend their contract; if this notice is missed, the contract is automatically extended for another full term.  No private sector business would enter into a deal like this, but this is typical of the protections built into the law for individuals in the education system.  My bill would lower the number of days required for notice to 90 and provides that if that deadline is missed, the contract is automatically renewed for just one year.  We’ve had pushback from some superintendents, but it’s tough to argue for the status quo, and obviously, their arguments weren’t very persuasive in the Senate.


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