Keep that information to themselves

Article posted on April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!  Aside from a few intermittent showers and a gusty wind, it was a pretty day.  Charlotte and I had today to ourselves; Johnny wasn’t home and we had relatives scattered around the country, so we didn’t have our traditional Easter meal.  We did visit my mother and got some work done at home and the office.  One of the few state stories I saw in the Sunday papers was about the Lt. Governor Stack investigation.  I’m surprised this has gotten as much attention as it has, but information has leaked out and the papers report on it.  The story said the Governor contacted the Lt. Governor on multiple occasions, starting 6 months ago, about he and his wife’s behavior.  This is interesting because there has been speculation in some of the stories that the Governor ordered the investigation without warning given the tepid relationship between him and his right-hand man.  None of the reports has stated when the investigation will be complete, or what could potentially happen to the Stacks if the charges are substantiated.  We might learn more when we’re back in session this week, but people in investigations like this are generally told to keep what information they do know to themselves.


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