They call on us when they have nowhere else to turn

Article posted on March 15, 2017

It was cold and blustery today, I got 5 miles in this morning after early morning calls and my regular appearance on NewsTalk 103.7, with the windchill, it was 0.  Staff and I are preparing for an Education Committee hearing on Monday and another either Wednesday or someday the following week.  We are also putting the finishing touches on the AB Ross Leadership Program coming up next month.  Of course, there is always ongoing work on legislation and constituent work.  We’ve had some unusual constituent problems recently, some more complicated than others.  Many people, on their own, simply can’t navigate through the government to solve a problem.  It shouldn’t be that difficult, but the bureaucracy is often too great.  Some folks are worn down by the system, some are frightened or intimidated by bureaucrats with some limited authority.  They call on us when they have nowhere else to turn.


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