The businesses in PA are viewed as ATM’s

Article posted on March 6, 2017

We had another full day of testimony.  We started with the Dept. of Community & Economic Development, then after lunch heard from the Revenue Dept. and the PA Historical and Museum Commission.  We got more detailed answers today than we received before.  Most of us weren’t happy with the answers, but we got them.  The impression some people have, that the Governor isn’t proposing tax increases, need to watch the testimony of Revenue Secretary Eileen McNulty (click here to watch).  There are no broad-based tax increases, but many industry sectors would see significant increases totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.  The health insurance carriers, for example, would see an increase of over $140 million.  This at a time when the premiums are out of sight.  Some of these targeted taxes could damage our overall economy.  It looks to me like the businesses in Pennsylvania are viewed as ATM’s by this Governor.


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