Sounds like how many of my colleagues vote

Article posted on March 16, 2017

I was up early this morning to get to Senator Scott Hutchison’s Senator for a Day Program at Clarion University.  He had the students break into 6 committees to work on bills that would be brought back to a Senate session in the afternoon.  I served on the Education Committee, which looked at two bills.  The first would prohibit the possession or use of cell phones and other similar electronic devices on school property; on buses; or at extra curricular activities, including sports events.  There were amendments made to the bill, but it passed through Committee.  The other bill required all school districts to provide drivers education to students, including on-the-road instruction after they reach the age of 16.  This also passed through the committee with some amendments.  The students seemed to vote in line with the rules of their own school.  They also liked certain provisions that were popular with them, without regard to the effect the law would have on others across the Commonwealth.  Sounds like how many of my colleagues vote.


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