Last year, we ran out of time

Article posted on March 27, 2017

We passed my Fish and Boat Commission bill through the Senate today.  This bill would allow the Commission to set their own license fees.  Currently, they have to come to the legislature and ask for a bill to change any license fee, up or down.  Because of the complexity of this process, they come in after 10, 12, or so years and ask for large increases.  This hurts their sales and isn’t a businesslike way to manage their income.  The bill provides consumer safeguards including: public hearings for any proposed change, a review of any change by the Game and Fishery Committees of the House and Senate, and a sunset provision that the bill dies in three years unless re-upped by the General Assembly.  Additionally, the Commission receives federal match money for licenses, so they have an incentive to sell as many as possible.  Raising the price too much would cost them significant dollars.  Hopefully, we can get the bill through the House this session; last year, we ran out of time.


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