I never thought of it quite that way

Article posted on March 20, 2017

The ESSA hearing was interesting this morning.  We picked up a lot of information, some contradictory to what the Dept. of Ed is proposing.  This is the first of several hearings and meetings on the subject, so stay tuned.  The Bishop Guilfoyle football team was in the Senate chamber today with me and in the House chamber with Reps. John McGinnis and Judy Ward.  They not only won three state championships in a row, but had three straight undefeated seasons and have the 4th longest winning streak in the country: 47 games.  After session I got in another meeting then drove to the Penn Twp. Fire Hall for the Cumberland County Farm Bureau’s Spring Dinner.  They had several speakers tonight touching on a number of subjects, one being the new definition of “community.”  Some may say it’s their circle of contacts on social media.  I never thought of it quite that way.


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