Glad I was there to hear about their accomplishments

Article posted on March 30, 2017

I got to speak with the Community Bankers this morning in Altoona; they were in town for a conference and had me at their breakfast.  The regulations on the banking industry, particularly the small “thrift” banks, are crushing.  They can’t make the loans they used to, and that stops progress for many individuals and businesses.  I, along with other area legislators, also met with the EMS folks from the Southern Alleghenies region.  They have their own set of financial problems and are struggling to attract and retain personnel.  There hasn’t been a hard look at their issues by the legislature since 2003; that could change this year if a resolution passes to have a similar study done.  Although there were changes made because of the 2003 study, many of today’s problems are new.  I was able to attend the Huntingdon County Planning Commission’s Annual Dinner tonight.  They give a report on their work over the past year and speak about what they see ahead.  The work of county planning offices is important and goes largely unnoticed by the general public.  Glad I was there to hear about their accomplishments.


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