At least we got better answers than yesterday

Article posted on March 8, 2017

We had somewhat of a historic hearing today.  Because of the proposed merger of the Departments of Health; Drug and Alcohol; Human Services; and Aging, we had all four departments appear together along with the Physician General, who works closely with the Health Dept.  The size and scope of these combined agencies had us together all day.  There is a lot of concern about combining these departments; some feel that services for seniors and programming that targets the opioid epidemic might get lost in an even bigger bureaucracy.  We’re all for efficiencies, but we’re not sure there will be real savings.  Sometimes a larger department is more difficult to manage and consequently has more waste.  Aging for example uses little or no general fund money, so there’s nothing to save.  Maybe they can provide better service as part of an integrated system, but that’s somewhat of a risk.  At least we got better answers than we did yesterday from the Education Secretary.


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