As long as it is necessary, we will

Article posted on March 28, 2017

I was remiss last night in not mentioning that the Southern Huntingdon High School band and chorus performed at the capitol yesterday.  I was tied up in a meeting and missed the band, but saw the chorus; they were excellent and I heard great comments from my colleagues about both groups.  I got to spend a little time with them after the performance, they were very polite and well-mannered young ladies and gentlemen.

The Southern Huntingdon High School Chorus and Band performed at the Capitol on Monday, March 27, 2017.

This morning, we got a preemption bill through the Judiciary Committee that would prohibit local governments from passing ordinances to ban guns from their municipalities.  As I have written about this issue before, local governments do not have the authority to address issues outside of their municipal responsibilities.  The bill’s sponsor, Senator Wayne Langerholc, said at the meeting that these ordinances are in direct contradiction to state law.  Of course, the constitutions, both state and federal, address the rights of our citizens to keep and bear arms.  It’s unfortunate that the General Assembly has to keep addressing these issues, but as long as it is necessary, we will.


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