There is no room for dishonesty in legitimate public debate

Article posted on February 6, 2017

We got Senate Bill 3 through the Judiciary Committee today on a party line vote.  This bill would change the time permitted for late term abortions from six months to five and stops the practice of dismemberment abortions, where the baby is pulled or cut apart while still alive.  As medical science progresses, babies are viable at a younger age.  The PA Abortion Control Act was written 25 years ago.  The best judgement then was that a baby was viable at six months; that is no longer the case.  What I’ve witnessed over the past few weeks as we’ve put some important legislation through the Senate is that the Democrats make up their comments as they argue against bills like SB 3.  Unfortunately, the media isn’t always smart enough to discern fact from fiction and they print incorrect information like it’s accurate; this happened last week with Paycheck Protection and again today with SB 3.  I understand that some members have a different perspective on these issues, but saying things that aren’t true is dishonest, and there is no room for dishonesty in legitimate public debate.


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