Sorry to those that were in the hopper for a while

Article posted on February 5, 2017

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  Hope everyone has a good time this evening, even if you’re not a football fan the game is fun to watch for the commercials.  Who knows how the half time show will come off.  I saw a national poll this week about what folks think of certain groups of people.  State legislators were slightly better thought of than our federal counterparts, considerably further back was the national media, and at the bottom were the Hollywood entertainment types.  So, if Lady Gaga makes any political statements tonight, they shouldn’t have much impact on what people think.  There wasn’t a whole lot about state government in the papers today.  A couple of stories on the Governor’s upcoming budget address had some theories about what he’ll say.  He already announced he wouldn’t support a broad based tax increase, which is a 180 degree turn around from the last two years, so the speculation is that he will go after the gas and oil drillers for more money.  He may hit some other groups, as well; we’ll know more on Tuesday.  If you follow me on Facebook, I decided a couple of weeks ago to work my way through hundreds of backed up friend requests and get caught up.  Yesterday, I finished the stack that accumulated over the past couple of years.  One lady thanked me for approving her request, but said that she sent it to me in October 2015.  Sorry to those that were in the hopper for a while.


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