I’m fighting to give these kids a chance

Article posted on February 21, 2017

The (Carlisle) Sentinel did a convoluted and incomplete story about my town hall meeting last week.  I then became a victim of a fake news story when the Democrats decided to spin it, and other liberal media outlets followed along.  At this point, a Senator from Philadelphia, Vince Hughes, is calling me a racist because I spoke about the failing schools in Philadelphia, located in minority neighborhoods, not preparing their students for college.  He’s trying to say that since the kids are black, that I think they’re not capable of learning.  Wrong.  I see the potential of these children and want to see them succeed.  Their race doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that every child has opportunities to succeed.  I’m fighting to give these kids a chance; he’s fighting to protect the status quo and collect another check from the teacher’s union.


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