Article posted on January 2, 2017

The Senate had a different holiday schedule than most places for New Year’s Day.  Because of tomorrow’s inauguration ceremony for new members, the Senate was open today and closed last Friday.  Most everything was closed today, including state offices, so constituent work that involved us communicating with a state department or agency will have to wait until tomorrow.  The state Inauguration Day at the Capitol is a busy one with thousands of people walking the halls and crowding into every possible meeting space for receptions sponsored by incoming Senators.  I took the opportunity to schedule meetings before and after session.  I have to take care of a lot of additional business for the new committee chairmanship, and while I’m at the Capitol, I hope to get done as much as possible.  I don’t have any meetings this evening and am looking forward to the Penn State game.  The odds makers have us losing by 7, but they’ve been wrong a lot this season and it would be nice if they were wrong for just one more game.  WE ARE!!!


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