They should be in great shape for next year

Article posted on January 3, 2017

The Inauguration in the Senate went well.  We have 6 new members, 5 Republicans and 1 Democrat, making our new caucus numbers 31 R’s to 16 D’s.  Leadership allowed time to recognize Trooper Landon Weaver for his sacrifice, and I was asked to explain a little about who he was and what had happened for the record.  I received many comments from members expressing sympathy for his family.  I had appointments before and well after session, as planned, and got quite a bit done.  Today was largely a ceremonial time, but we officially elected the Senate officers: Pro Tem, Secretary, and Chief Clerk.  The real discussions about the new session will begin when we come back on the 23rd.  Of course, there will be a lot of individual work done before that time, but we’ll begin caucus and committee meetings then.  Penn State almost pulled it out last night.  They still had somewhat of a Cinderella season and a record they can be proud of.  They should be in great shape for next year.


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