Keep this bill in your prayers as it goes through the process

Article posted on May 10, 2013

Two topics that I didn’t get to earlier in the week, were the passage of two bills through committees in the Senate. We got the transportation funding bill through the Transportation Committee with only one no vote from a Democrat. The bill in the Senate didn’t include the numbers the Governor presented, it has a larger total number and a quicker acceleration period. I suspect that the bill will be changed as it goes through the process, but with the revenue shortfall the state is facing, I don’t think it will be changed much. An important bill that was reported out of the Banking and Insurance Committee was the abortion opt out bill. This meeting was much more contentious. The bill would prohibit insurance companies that receive federal tax subsidies from paying for elective abortions. Current Pennsylvania law prohibits tax dollars from being used for abortion. This bill preserves the current law as Obamacare goes into effect. Keep this bill in your prayers as it goes through the process.


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