It will be interesting as the business week begins

Article posted on December 2, 2012

Last Sunday, I complained about the performance of the Steelers, not this week. With a 3rd string quarterback, we went into Baltimore as a 9 point underdog and beat the Ravens. What a game. After church, I worked either at the office or at home until 9:30, when I stopped for supper, Charlotte’s turkey chili, one of my favorites. I was at the office this afternoon with a ladder cleaning the windows when a few people went down the street and noticed that it was me on the ladder. They seemed stunned. It always surprises me when someone sees me carrying boxes or painting, etc. at the office. I always say, who do you think does this stuff? Anyway, it will be interesting as the business week begins, to see how Mike Fleck’s announcement is received in his district and around the Commonwealth.


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