The writer left out some juicy details

Article posted on October 5, 2011

There are times when I struggle for ideas for the nightly blog post, most times I don’t. In fact, often there are multiple things to cover, and I must choose one or two. I wanted to draw your attention to an Altoona Mirror sports page story from Corey Giger a couple of days ago. (I would think that you could still see it on line.) It was a gutsy piece on Joe and Jay Paterno. I haven’t seen any call for their resignations quite like this. It was hard hitting and right on the money. The same newspaper had an editorial on Sunday that criticized legislation written to protect autopsy records from being made public in their entirety under certain circumstances. This wasn’t a piece I would recommend. The writer left out some juicy details like the fact that the same newspaper lost a court case against the Blair County Coroner and District Attorney over these records and that virtually every law enforcement organization in the state wants these records kept out of the press during an open investigation. Unfortunately, to many papers, the monetary benefit of selling extra copies of a gory banner headline trumps the public’s best interest in catching a murderer. I don’t see it that way.


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