Eichelberger Condemns Bonuses, Calls for Investigation

Article posted on January 31, 2007

HARRISBURG -State Senate Republican leadership today released a list of senate staff who have received monetary bonuses in 2005 and, or 2006. The bonuses, some as high as $22,500, were outside of the payroll system established for the senate. Former Republican leaders authorized the payments for the two years cited and possibly for years prior.“This is a perfect example of why I ran for the State Senate and why I’m here fighting for reform,” State Senator John Eichelberger stated. “I have called for a forensic audit of the legislature including all ‘leadership’ accounts in both houses. Although the bonuses were inappropriate, I am asking the Attorney General to investigate any possibility of political payback with taxpayer funds for a select group of individuals typically involved in campaign work.”

Eichelberger applauds the current leaders, President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi for uncovering and making public this information.


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