She liked them

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 22, 2017

I toured the Center for Child Justice in Altoona this morning along with Representatives McGinnis and Ward.  It’s easy to see the advantages of having a facility like this to handle children who have been sexually abused.  The process is set up for the least stress possible on the victim.  It’s more of a one-stop shop that includes the information gathering process from the District Attorney’s office and police, and a medical examination room.  It’s difficult to imagine what happens to a child who has been abused this way and why anyone would do it.  I’m glad there are people who are willing to handle these cases and work to put the perpetrators behind bars.  I was in Franklin County the rest of the day with the Bear Valley Water Authority first, to attend the dedication service for their new state of the art water plant, then I travelled to Burk-Lea Farms, outside of Chambersburg, for a Franklin County Farm Bureau tour.  I hadn’t seen Charlotte much this week, so I got some Chambersburg peaches on the way back for a homecoming gift; she liked them.


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