The straight scoop

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 16, 2017

After my men’s fellowship this morning, I went to breakfast with a group of the guys.  We had a nice time together, but it put me behind for the day.  I got some office work done and stopped for a couple of items on the way home before going with Charlotte to a party and then to a friend’s for dinner.  I ran into a man at a store this afternoon who was a local private sector union official.  He asked me about SB 166, Paycheck Protection, because he had been following it.  He was confused about what the bill would do and if his union would be affected.  I was surprised to hear that from someone in his position and explained to him the premise of the bill being that public resources should not be used for political activity.  Obviously, since he doesn’t work for a government entity, his union payments are not affected.  He seemed appreciative of the information.  I told him to call my office the next time he had questions about legislation, especially a bill I’m sponsoring.  We’ll give him the straight scoop.


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