Certainly safer for the people

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 23, 2018

I had a conference call scheduled this morning at 9:00, then was freed up the remainder of the day to get some work out.  It was good to have that time.  I met with staff, made calls and answered emails along with other tasks that were important to get done.  I failed to mention in yesterday’s Blog that I had a meeting last evening in McConnellsburg with the Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake.  We have had discussions recently about the status of the construction process and felt that it would be a good idea to apprise the public.  I invited DEP and the Fish and Boat Commission to join me at the meeting and they did.  We are close to getting the final permitting from DEP, then Fish and Boat will put the project out for bid, which will take about 5 months.  Once a contract is awarded, the construction will take about a year to complete.  During the several months it takes to refill the dam, the construction of the handicapped accessible boat launch will take place.  (The Friends group raised $100,000 and this is what they decided to do with their money.)  It will take about 3 years after that to have the dam fully stocked with smaller fish going in the first year and larger fish progressively.  It’s a very long process to rebuild a government dam, but we have made it through much of it and the funding is in place to finish the job.  It should be nicer than it was in some ways, and certainly safer for the people who live below the spillway.


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