I don’t

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 20, 2018

We had our second informational hearing on school strikes this afternoon.  We met at the Bedford County Court House for a round table discussion between the committee and two superintendents, two school board members, and two school solicitors.  We heard that the current process needs legislative attention, like we did at Wednesday’s formal hearing.  There are no penalties for missing deadlines or not following procedures.  There is a lack of transparency throughout the entire process and even continues, at times, when union members vote on a proposal without the whole story from their leadership.  The negotiation system can definitely be abused and often is.  A strike is an intentional disruption to a business operation with the intent of causing enough harm to force the management to agree to the union’s demands.  If the business operation is making widgets, I understand the legitimacy of this tactic, if the operation is the preparation of children, I don’t.


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