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The blessing of our great nation

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! We had plans to visit my son in Texas this weekend, but had to cancel because of the budget impasse affecting our session schedule. Johnny came back to PA, so all was good. We went to my sister … Read more>

Done fairly and meet constitutional muster

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 25, 2015

The Special Committee on Senate Address submitted their report to the Senate today. They were charged with two duties, to determine whether the Senate has jurisdiction to remove Attorney General Kathleen Kane pursuant to Article 6 Section 7 of the … Read more>

Enough support to get it done

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 24, 2015

The budget deal was blown up by the Governor this afternoon. The deal that was in play boiled down to the details of the pension reform bill and the Governor was told by the PSEA not to approve the suggested … Read more>

What he really wants: tax increases

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 23, 2015

Late this evening, we voted on the largest tax shift in the history of the state, accounting for between $12 and $14 billion dollars. An amendment was offered to HB 683, which added the language of SB 76. This amendment … Read more>

“Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story”

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 22, 2015

There really wasn’t much of interest today in the papers. I see inaccurate information frequently in the press and did today. Many of the issues they cover are complicated and they say something that’s close, but not right. Sometimes that … Read more>

If he makes good on that commitment

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 21, 2015

I was around the district today and heard mostly about the Syrian refugee issue. After news that the budget would be done by Thanksgiving has shown to be incorrect, people are asking, how soon? I explain that there is some … Read more>

We’ll know next week

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 20, 2015

I had staff look further into the ability of states to direct, one way or another, the placement of refugees by the federal government. After Governor Wolf said PA would take the Syrian refugees, there has been discussion about what … Read more>

A rainy Thursday evening

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 19, 2015

Senator Don White made a trip to Altoona this morning for the re-opening of the Empower Center for Health, a clinic operated by Dr. Zane Gates. I worked with Zane since shortly after I joined the Senate to help with … Read more>

The outcry from local government gets louder

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 18, 2015

We got the municipal pension reform amendment through the Senate Finance Committee this morning on a party line vote, kind of. Senator John Wozniak voted for the amendment, but voted against the bill. I was hoping to have at least … Read more>

New plans and better management practices

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 17, 2015

There was progress today on several fronts in the Senate. A co-sponsor memo went out from Senator John Rafferty for a resolution calling for greater security measures to be taken by the federal government before PA receives any Syrian refugees. … Read more>