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Why they’re placing the welfare of the public and their members at risk

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 23, 2016

I received word yesterday that the Governor was releasing the money for the completion of the work at Meadow Grounds Lake.  There will be an official announcement soon, but the Public Opinion had a story in this morning about it, … Read more>

These new devices are really something

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 22, 2016

I attended the Department of Distance Education Class of 2016 Commencement Ceremony at the US Army War College this morning.  Without fail, every event I have ever attended there has been first class.  The ceremony was held outside, and it … Read more>

In the direction to get the right answers

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 21, 2016

I enjoyed the program at the Tyrone Chamber this morning; we heard some inside stories about minor league baseball from an Altoona Curve marketing employee.  Some of the things that go on before, during and after a game are interesting, … Read more>

Proud to have them in the 30th

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 20, 2016

The Governor signed 15 bills into law today, including SB 533, my bill on the disposal of confiscated property by parole officers.  I was in the district and was able to attend a ribbon cutting in Altoona and toured the … Read more>

Nothing in this scenario looks good from any angle

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 19, 2016

The big news out of Harrisburg today was the announcement that the Attorney General’s office settled the lawsuit filed against them by Kathleen Kane’s twin sister.  This woman sued her sister’s office for discrimination after her sister promoted her to … Read more>

Government should not make it any tougher

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 18, 2016

I toured the Altoona Center for Nursing this afternoon.  I have been through it before, but was interested in the changes they’ve made to their operation and wanted to hear their concerns about statutory and regulatory issues, some of which … Read more>

Good times!

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 17, 2016

I didn’t see much in the papers today on state news.  The press has moved on after the budget to the presidential campaign and the conventions.  I got to church this morning, did some office work, went to the Fulton … Read more>

Concerned about money and power for themselves above all else

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 16, 2016

We had another warm day, and I got most of my mowing done.  I should be able to finish tomorrow when I get back from the Fulton County Farm Bureau Picnic.  Tonight I attended the Blair County Tea Party’s Freedom … Read more>

More equitable, consistent, and efficient

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 15, 2016

I attended the Blair County Farm Bureau Picnic this evening in Williamsburg.  We had a great meal, as usual, and I enjoyed seeing everyone.  They had another program after the picnic that was open to the public.  They brought in … Read more>

Regular quality time with his favorite trainer

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 14, 2016

I have to say that it feels much differently the day after the budget was finished than it did last year.  The nine-month process with the closings, and school borrowings, and legal battles about spending authorizations make this year’s tax … Read more>