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I think not

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 17, 2015

This morning a letter went out from pro-lifers in the Senate and House to the Governor, asking him to reconsider the nomination of Pedro Cortes for Secretary of the Commonwealth. The Governor’s spokesman promptly denied the request and said that … Read more>

We’ll plan to be back next year

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 16, 2015

Today was our second week of the AB Ross Leadership Program. We met this morning at the Duncansville VFW with about 40 4-H students from Blair, Huntingdon and Fulton counties. We had the same program this week as last, which … Read more>

I will have lots more to report as we move legislation

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 15, 2015

This afternoon, the Senate Finance Committee, which I chair, conducted a hearing on pension reform. Witnesses included the Pew Foundation, the Mercadus Center from George Mason University, the Commonwealth Foundation, TIAA-CREF, SEIU, PSEA, and an independent actuary. Several points were … Read more>

How anyone can think this is good public policy is beyond me

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 14, 2015

After long debate this afternoon, including three attempts to amend the bill, SB 333 was passed in the Senate with a bipartisan vote of 37 to 12. I sponsored this bill to pre-empt local governments from passing ordinances on leave … Read more>

I’m looking forward to it!

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 13, 2015

I was at the Capitol early this morning for a tour focusing on the religious murals and inscriptions in the building. The scriptural references throughout the structure leave no doubt about the message intended by the designers. The number of … Read more>

I don’t ever remember a situation like this

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 12, 2015

The big topic in the Sunday papers was Kathleen Kane, again. Her actions continue to create legal problems and lessen the effectiveness of her office. Over the past week, news broke about her losing another press secretary, her 5th or … Read more>

Threats from the unions undermine the welfare of our citizenry

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 11, 2015

A couple of the former band leaders at the Light House came back this morning to play and did their usual great job. It was an honor to sit in with Jack and T.J. I was scheduled all day including … Read more>

Very thoughtful questions and important concerns

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 10, 2015

This morning, area legislators answered questions from non profit organizations in Blair County. We were asked about SB 4, the constitutional amendment to clarify that the legislature would enact the law concerning the exemption of property tax for charitable organizations … Read more>

I always learn a lot at these events

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 9, 2015

We had a great time with the AB Ross Leadership Program kids today. Thanks to everyone who helped. The morning speaker talked about the economic impact of various outside forces on agriculture. He said that the two issues affecting this … Read more>

I guess it’s your fault for not paying enough

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 8, 2015

Rep. Jesse Topper recently introduced legislation to exempt schools from the prevailing wage law. The law was passed in the 60’s and hasn’t been updated for inflation since. The trigger of $25,000 doesn’t go as far as it used to … Read more>