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The ones that don’t can wreak havoc

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 28, 2015

We didn’t have a formal announcement yet, but the Finance Committee will be holding a hearing on SB 4 next Wednesday afternoon.  This is the constitutional amendment legislation, which would clarify that the responsibility to define charitable tax exemptions rests … Read more>

He’s off to a rocky start

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 27, 2015

13 of the nominees Governor Corbett sent to the Senate before he left office were approved by the Rules Committee today on a party-line vote. Despite the recall order from Governor Wolf, the Senate is moving ahead with most, if … Read more>

That might be a new record

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 26, 2015

The Senate Republican Caucus filed suit against the Governor today to block the firing of newly appointed Office of Open Records Director Erik Arneson. Erik was a long-time Senate staffer who worked on the legislation that created the office he … Read more>

No matter what happens outside, we go to work

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 25, 2015

The Sunday newspaper stories were focused more on AG Kane’s problems than anything else. She was a media darling for a long time, now she can’t get a positive comment even from the most liberal papers. The big news for … Read more>

Wolf’s first week was fraught with personnel issues

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 24, 2015

I was out early for my men’s fellowship group this morning and appreciate the good work the road crews did with the snow. I got caught up on some office work, and a few phone calls that I needed to … Read more>

Most of the people who visit the pages are great, but…

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 23, 2015

After reviewing the utilization of my official and personal Facebook pages this week, I am going to try to post my blog on both. It is always posted on my website,, as well. I have heard from people … Read more>

A victory in the battle, but the war goes on

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 22, 2015

Blessings to everyone who traveled to our nation’s capital today and marched for the lives of the unborn. I couldn’t be there this year because the Senate was in session, but my prayers were with the thousands who withstood the … Read more>

It’s fascinating how quickly misinformation travels

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 21, 2015

Tomorrow morning’s Finance Committee meeting has one item on the agenda, Senate Bill 4, which is a Joint Resolution to have a constitutional amendment voted on by the Pennsylvania electorate. The amendment, if approved, would bring back to the General … Read more>

Things can get worse if we discourage or outright prevent development

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 20, 2015

I attended the inauguration ceremonies for the Lt. Governor and the Governor today. Mike Stack’s was in the Senate chamber and Tom Wolf’s was outside behind the capitol. There were anti-fracking protesters at the Governor’s ceremony that were disruptive. They … Read more>

We got our committee assignments

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 19, 2015

The offices were closed for Martin Luther King Day, but work went on regardless. I did a couple of newspaper interviews, some scheduling, contacted staff on a few issues, loaded boxes of materials into the office and took care of … Read more>