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Hope to see you tomorrow or Sunday

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 24, 2017

Had a good day at the Jaffa Sports Show.  The crowd seemed down a little, but the ones that came enjoyed themselves.  We had hundreds of conversations between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM about such topics as: the proposed $25 … Read more>

We collected as much information as possible

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 23, 2017

We had our last day of budget hearings this week.  The morning session was the PASSHE system.  These are the 14 state-owned universities.  Their financial situation is not good; they are losing students and are undertaking a study to determine … Read more>

Hopefully, we’ll get the answers we need to make the best decisions

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 22, 2017

We had our second day of Budget hearings.  The morning session was with the Dept. of State and the afternoon included the Auditor General and Attorney General.  I worked in as many media interviews today as I could.  I didn’t … Read more>

I’m fighting to give these kids a chance

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 21, 2017

The (Carlisle) Sentinel did a convoluted and incomplete story about my town hall meeting last week.  I then became a victim of a fake news story when the Democrats decided to spin it, and other liberal media outlets followed along.  … Read more>

We need real answers, not gamesmanship

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 20, 2017

Happy Presidents’ Day, or as I saw today in a story, Happy George Washington’s Birthday; apparently the name of the holiday was never officially changed.  The Senate and state government offices were closed today in observance.  Tomorrow the Budget Hearings … Read more>

The legislature must respond

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 19, 2017

There really was’t much in today’s papers.  I saw a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer about city council members complaining that the legislature is picking on them.  They cited several of the bills going through the Senate including the sanctuary … Read more>

I couldn’t say no when they asked me to tag along

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 18, 2017

Charlotte and I got to the McConnellsburg Lions Club’s Community Park Benefit Auction tonight.  They had a packed house and seemed to do well with the silent and live auction items.  The folks in Fulton County are very generous and … Read more>

I guess you follow orders, regardless of whether or not they make any sense

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 17, 2017

I’ve noticed a pattern from the folks who up until the November election told Republicans that they should be more tolerant.  I see the phrase “you need to listen to your constituents” over and over again.  I get that in … Read more>

It was good to see her again

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 16, 2017

Had another long day.  I left at 5:30 this morning to get to a Greencastle Chamber Breakfast.  Their program was on early education and they asked me to close out the morning and answer some questions.  The speaker did a … Read more>

I assume it was in his local media

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 15, 2017

Every other Wednesday I do a segment on NewsTalk 103.7 in Chambersburg at 8:10 in the morning.  I appreciate the opportunity to speak about current issues with hosts that are well acquainted with what’s happening at the Capitol and ask … Read more>