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Enough replacements to fill the classrooms

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 19, 2016

After today, we’re down to 3 session days.  Every issue that someone wants to fix is on the table and the clock is ticking.  At this point, it’s too late for many bills to get through the process and many … Read more>

If you didn’t get through, that is why

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 18, 2016

Another long caucus and time on the floor today.  We got more bills through the Senate and more cued up for votes tomorrow.  As I wrote about earlier, after today, we will be focused on House bills since they have … Read more>

More insight into this overwhelming problem

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 17, 2016

We’re back in session and got a number of bills through the Senate today.  We brought up many more through committees and have others waiting for final action.  After tomorrow there will not be enough days left in session to … Read more>

Hope you can join us

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 16, 2016

The papers today were loaded with primarily two stories, one about the Commonwealth Court ordering the administration to release emails from Katie McGinty while she was Chief of Staff to the Governor; the other was about the chances of Kathleen … Read more>

It will be good to see everyone

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 15, 2016

Charlotte and I were talking about the changes at this time of the year.  Since we’ve hit mid-October, we’ve seen our last Pirate game of the year, had our last soft serve cone at our favorite road side stand, and … Read more>

She’s 39, again!

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 14, 2016

I was in Bedford this morning for a Resource, Conservation and Development Council meeting.  For 11 years, I was a voting member of this Council that serves six counties in this region.  As federal funding changed, so did the structure … Read more>

I hope Oakley’s tired too

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 13, 2016

I think I set a new personal record this morning for getting up for Senate business.  I had a 7:00 meeting in Chambersburg and got up at 3:45.  I sat with all of the legislators who serve Franklin County on … Read more>

It doesn’t make it any easier

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 12, 2016

I was pleased to join the good folks at NewsTalk 103.7 this morning for my regular, every other Wednesday discussion on the issues.  We talked about what might happen with the remaining days of session and the proposed assessment task … Read more>

I’ll add hundreds more

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 11, 2016

I was in Mercersburg this afternoon for the grand opening of the new Rutters convenience store.  I met the CEO of the company that goes back 10 generations in the food business.  They run a good operation and I know … Read more>

Doesn’t bode well for the winter ahead

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 10, 2016

Happy Columbus Day!  The Senate offices were closed today in observance of the holiday, but I still had a commitment this morning in Needmore: the Fulton County Township Officials Convention.  I was there along with Rep. Jesse Topper.  He talked … Read more>