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I hope to see you all there!

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 18, 2014

The question I’ve been asked the most lately has been about my schedule. People want to know if I’m in session, and when I say we’re not until January, they want to know if I’m busy with things in the … Read more>

I’m looking forward to tackling the important issues

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 17, 2014

I had appointments in the office today and worked on some other issues that are requiring more time than I first thought. I didn’t have anything scheduled tonight, so I knocked off a quick shopping item and we finished decorating … Read more>

Happy Hanukkah

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 16, 2014

I was up early this morning to get to a 7:30 Greencastle Chamber breakfast. It was nice to see everyone there. I’m still meeting many people in the new part of the district, but I’m happy to say that I … Read more>

Both issues are important and should be addressed immediately

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 15, 2014

I was told last evening that Sarah Long Irvin died unexpectedly on Friday. Sarah was a good friend to many people in Blair County and beyond. She did a lot for the youth in agriculture and spent countless hours doing … Read more>

It’s a tangled web

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 14, 2014

I was booked all day so I missed the Steeler game, but I heard the final score and a win is a win. We’re still in the hunt for the playoffs and checking off these away games is critical. The … Read more>

Please plan to join us

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 13, 2014

Congratulations to the Bishop Guilfoyle Marauders for their Class A football state championship victory. Better known for their girls basketball titles, this is a first for the football team. They were the underdogs in this final matchup, but never gave … Read more>

I’d sooner spend the weekend here

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 12, 2014

This is the big PA Society Weekend in New York City. Every year people ask the same question, why is the PA Society meeting in New York? I don’t know, it’s just the way it is. I haven’t gone and … Read more>

I see an anti-gun pattern

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 11, 2014

I almost blogged about a front page story in the Altoona Mirror the other day. It was critical of local gun raffles, especially when the proceeds went to any purpose associated with children. As I recall, the public outcry was … Read more>

I should have a memo out in the next few days

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 10, 2014

I was back in Harrisburg today for a meeting and a dinner and to deliver Christmas gifts to members and Senate offices. Since we’re not in session, there aren’t too many members in the building or other folks walking the … Read more>

Kudos for their innovative work

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 9, 2014

I was impressed as I toured the Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnership office today. This was a department of county government at one time that was privatized and has expanded to provide many additional services to people in Blair County … Read more>