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Another reason why these programs should end

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 16, 2014

Staff was busy preparing for the A.B. Ross Leadership Program scheduled for tomorrow. There are always last-minute issues with an event this size, but generally everything is in place and ready for a great experience with these students. I’ll give … Read more>

Tonight brought back good memories

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 15, 2014

I hope everyone is done with their tax forms by now, but I doubt it. Charlotte and I got ours in on time, with the help of our accountant. With all of the new taxes the Obama administration has put … Read more>

They should be a voice that’s given serious consideration

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 14, 2014

I saw a story today about the liquor privatization issue. There is a large group of business organizations that has been working together for months to develop a plan that most of the people they represent will agree to. I … Read more>

I look forward to a great experience in southern Huntingdon County

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 13, 2014

The big story in the Sunday papers was more on the scuttled sting operation in Philadelphia. One of the storylines was about AG Kane daring the Philly DA to take up the case if he thought the evidence was solid. … Read more>

A long day with a lot of miles on the truck

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 12, 2014

I stayed overnight in Carlisle to get to an 8:30 breakfast meeting of the Cumberland County Chapter of ACTION. Rep. Rick Saccone and I were the speakers this morning. This group takes the time to look into what the elected … Read more>

A busy day today and another one tomorrow

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 11, 2014

I attended the Bedford Chamber’s State of the County program this morning featuring their Commissioners. They had a good presentation and did a fine job fielding questions. I ended the day at Valley Rural Electric’s Annual Meeting held at Mt. … Read more>

We can do better

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 10, 2014

I drove back to Harrisburg this morning for a hearing on the proposed changes to Act 47, the municipal distress law. We had a pretty comprehensive group to testify including the Local Government Commission that sponsored the Task Force to … Read more>

Most people will try to follow the rules

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 9, 2014

We got what we believe to be a solid cash gift ban bill passed in the Senate today and a rule change to prohibit cash gifts, immediately, for members of the Senate. The bill has to go through the House, … Read more>

Let’s hope this is one of those years

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 8, 2014

It seemed that everyone and their brother was at the capitol today. I met with realtors, insurance agents, social worker students, billboard advertisers, local officials, Hemophilia Foundation folks, and builders. There are about 25 session days left before June 30 … Read more>

It’ll be worth the wait

Posted by Patrick Schurr | April 7, 2014

The weather in Harrisburg is cold and rainy, but at least it’s not snow. That description also applies to the budget, liquor store privatization and pension reform. There’s no sunny forecast, but things could be worse. We’re back in session … Read more>