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I wouldn’t tolerate that treatment

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 7, 2016

There were a lot of stories today about the UC Call Center closings.  The bottom line is that it looks like the Wolf administration will go ahead and close the centers on December 19th.  I asked last week for the … Read more>

That doesn’t compute

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 6, 2016

DEP sent out a news release this afternoon announcing that they were appealing the November 8th decision of the Commonwealth Court, which stayed regulations this administration put into effect on unconventional gas drillers.  DEP has complained about losing staff and … Read more>

Putting the right people in the right positions

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 5, 2016

My Harrisburg staff started the moving process to another office today.  There’s a lot of work involved in changing offices and it happens at the end of a session.  So, the files from the past session need to be packed … Read more>

Maybe the reporter missed something

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 4, 2016

The papers today had stories about the presidential election, which was almost a month ago.  However, because the losing candidate is contesting the results in three states, including PA, there is news.  It appears the suit filed in state court … Read more>

Go Blue and White!

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 3, 2016

Some more phone difficulties today.  It always seems that I have trouble over a weekend when it’s tougher to ask for help.  I’m getting better at fixing things; however, it’s been training under fire.  One thing I failed to mention … Read more>

We always like to see a friendly face

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 2, 2016

Mayor Matt Pacifico and I met today with Labor and Industry staff at the Altoona Call Center.  The Center is scheduled to close on December 19th.  We had a productive discussion about how the situation came about and what steps … Read more>

We should know by mid-December

Posted by Patrick Schurr | December 1, 2016

Thanks for all of the expressions of sympathy following the death of Jerry and Kathy Hayward, Charlotte and I appreciate them.  I took Oakley away for field training today.  He’ll be gone until Christmas and might go back after the … Read more>

Please pray for their families and the church through this difficult time

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 30, 2016

Today, Charlotte and I learned of the deaths of one of our pastors, Jerry Hayward and his wife, Kathy.  They were killed in a car accident last evening in Altoona.  Jerry pastored St. John’s Reformed Church in Hollidaysburg, where Charlotte … Read more>

The money would all go to system improvements

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 29, 2016

Found out more about the Unemployment Call Center closings.  We checked on what we heard yesterday about the employees not doing any more work.  What we learned is that the employees are not taking any new cases.  Apparently, the computer … Read more>

He should do a better job of transitioning the operations that serve the public

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 28, 2016

My phone is now in full working order.  It’s scary how much I depend on this thing.  I have three email accounts and two Facebook accounts on it, plus hundreds of contacts and apps I look at for weather, news, … Read more>