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You have a seat at the ceremony and you should be in it

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 18, 2017

I normally don’t comment on national issues, but this situation greatly bothers me and could happen in Harrisburg or other state capitols since our arrangements are virtually identical to our counterparts in Washington.  The news about some Democrat members of … Read more>

Now the public is paying the price

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 17, 2017

We are hearing daily from people attempting to file unemployment compensation claims.  They try for hours and cannot get through.  Many of them have already filed their claim electronically, but have another issue that isn’t being addressed.  We have always … Read more>

Congrats to him for a job well done

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 16, 2017

This morning I helped with a presentation of a house to a local disabled vet. Helping A Hero — a national nonprofit — partnered with Rotary Clubs from Carlisle and Mechanicsburg, and local contributors to build a house for US … Read more>

God bless the people who do this across our great country

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 15, 2017

Not much in the papers today.  I read a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story about how tough things are expected to be for the Governor going into his last two years of this term.  He faces budget problems, a huge Republican majority … Read more>

Hats off to Rep. John McGinnis who scored a 100% this past year!

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 14, 2017

I spoke to a Christian Fellowship group in Bedford this morning, got some office work done and finished the day with Charlotte at the R.W.&B.T. Fire Company’s Annual Banquet.  We had a nice time with these folks, as usual.  Yesterday, … Read more>

Let’s hope there is a scientific breakthrough, and soon

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 13, 2017

I was back in Harrisburg early this morning for a series of meetings on education.  I left there and drove straight to Central High School in Martinsburg for a program on Chronic Wasting Disease.  The program was presented by the … Read more>

It’s a busy time preparing for a new session

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 12, 2017

After the State Board of Education meeting this morning, I got to the 101st PA Farm Show where I attended a ceremony to honor an alpaca farmer from Trough Creek, Huntingdon County.  He is a Vietnam vet and was recognized … Read more>

Advance the interests of students across the Commonwealth

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 11, 2017

I was in Harrisburg today for a couple of meetings, primarily, my first meeting with the State Board of Education.  The actual board meeting is tomorrow, but today’s schedule included committee and council meetings.  I was able to spend a … Read more>

I’ll let you know how it goes

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 10, 2017

I had my 2016 Year End Report this morning.  The full report is available on my official Facebook Page and my website.  My goal has been to give an accounting to the taxpayers for my actions.  I provide information about … Read more>

The largest of its kind and extremely well done

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 9, 2017

It feels like everyone was waiting to get back to work this week.  We had a lot of calls and contacts in all sorts of ways today about many different subjects.  I met with constituents all morning and helped with … Read more>