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It will be an interesting caucus meeting on Monday

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 30, 2014

I received an email today from our Senate Majority Leader Domenic Peleggi. It contained a letter he received last week from Senator Scott Wagner criticizing him for his actions as Leader. Not surprisingly, this letter ended up in the hands … Read more>

Thanks for the hospitality over the years

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 29, 2014

I’m all over the district this week. I was in Huntingdon this afternoon and Bedford tonight for my last town hall in that county. We met at the senior center at the Fort Bedford Inn. Since it was my last … Read more>

The public should know everyone who has been involved

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 28, 2014

The papers over the last few days have had numerous stories about pornographic emails circulating in the Attorney General’s office when Tom Corbett was the AG. The subject matter was released by Kathleen Kane, the current occupant of that office. … Read more>

So far, it looks pretty good

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 27, 2014

Last night I attended the St. Thomas Volunteer Fire Company’s 50th Anniversary Banquet. I had my first Franklin County town hall meeting in their building earlier this year. I was glad they included me last evening and appreciate their efforts … Read more>

I’m anxious to try it out at the range

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 26, 2014

Each year Penn State hosts an Ag Research Tour for legislators and I always try to attend. The 2014 Tour was yesterday at Rock Springs. We visited 6 stations staffed by professors, who discussed various issues involved with GMO’s (Genetically … Read more>

Headed to the House for concurrence

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 25, 2014

Another bill that was passed in the Senate yesterday was the Act 47 rewrite that has been in the works for several years. I amended it earlier in the week to include three changes, the most noted was a clarification … Read more>

I hear that the House will not be as supportive

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 24, 2014

The Senate passed the medical marijuana bill today by a vote of 43-7. I was one of the 7. I have the utmost respect for the sponsor, Mike Folmer, and I have sympathy for the people who think marijuana will … Read more>

I appreciate their advocacy and the recognition

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 23, 2014

A lot of bills are moving through the system quickly. Today, we had somewhat of a floor fight over amendments to the Act 47 legislation that I am helping with in the Senate. We won the battle today and hope … Read more>

An example of politics trumping common sense

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 22, 2014

I had a bill get through Appropriations today. The legislation would make Navigators, the people who are appointed by the federal government to help citizens purchase insurance through the exchange, register with the PA Insurance Dept. and undergo a criminal … Read more>

I’ll hear more about that this week

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 21, 2014

With my schedule lately, Sunday is my day to catch up, and today was not as productive as it should have been. I got to church then Charlotte and I took my mother to dinner, then I hit the office … Read more>