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A tough case to make

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 29, 2015

The legislative process is complicated and designed to take days of time for bills to pass through the legislature. Both the House and Senate have bills on our calendar for a minimum of three days. Some bills go through the … Read more>

The shell game the Governor proposes is unacceptable

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 26, 2015

The Senate and House announced our budget agreement this afternoon, a $30,179,476,000 spending plan that has absolutely no tax increases. This budget increases most budget lines, many substantially, including an additional $100 million for Basic Education, more for pre-school, more … Read more>

The schools wanted this formula

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 25, 2015

The budget situation is about the same today. The legislature is still working through the process and, so far, is on track to complete the budget on time. In addition to the series of bills that comprise the budget, a … Read more>

The wishes of the majority of Pennsylvanians

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 24, 2015

There is still no indication that the Governor will be working with the legislature to reach a budget deal by the constitutional deadline of June 30. Fortunately, the House and Senate have continued to work together and I expect a … Read more>

Who could be against a measure like this?

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 23, 2015

The Governor did not help move the budget process forward today, but the House and Senate continued work on the budget, pension reform and liquor reform. It looks more and more like the legislature will be producing a budget by … Read more>

You should start seeing advertisements very soon

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 22, 2015

A story broke today that might be the bell weather for the budget talks. At eight days from the constitutional deadline, the Governor announced the formation of a new PAC to advance his agenda. As the legislature works to put … Read more>

Enjoy your special recognition

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 21, 2015

I didn’t see much worth mentioning in the Sunday papers. The main themes were the budget and comments made by former State Rep. Mike Veon, who just got out of prison this week from his role in the BonusGate scandal. … Read more>

He knows most of them will never have enough votes to pass

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 20, 2015

I didn’t have any events scheduled today, so after my men’s fellowship group I did office work then got my yard mowed before the rain came. We were told to prepare to be in Harrisburg from Monday to July 1st, … Read more>

Folks struggling under an Obama economy

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 19, 2015

It was good to be back in the district for a full day of events and work. I did a radio call-in program this morning on WRTA, visited the Dairy Promotion ice cream sundae event at the Blair County Court … Read more>

It should provide additional facts about Pennsylvania’s dangerous pension problem

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 18, 2015

Our hearing this morning on municipal pensions, and my SB 755, went very well. As I suspected, the municipal officials and the professionals who work with them all verified that due to the cost of their pension programs, far fewer … Read more>