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The only one in history to be removed by the Senate and impeached by the House

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 4, 2016

The Auditor General offered to take over some of the functions of PERC today, but only if the legislature approves. The Governor still doesn’t know what agency would do the work. His initial choice had an obvious conflict of interest, … Read more>

Coincidence? I think not.

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 3, 2016

I went a little long yesterday and still missed a couple of worthwhile points concerning the Governor’s plan to close down PERC, the PA Employees Retirement Commission, by February 12th. This story is getting a lot of press, by the … Read more>

Even where there’s agreement, he does things behind our backs

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 2, 2016

The Governor has made some bold moves over the past year. He has implemented changes that may be beyond his authority and has done so without notice to the legislature. His latest effort has gotten the attention of the press. … Read more>

Gathering information about what other states do is a good idea

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 1, 2016

I heard from people over the weekend about the potential downsizing of the PA House. They saw my remarks on WTAJ and didn’t understand that the cost savings would be minimal. I also have heard from more people about their … Read more>

Imaginary budget cuts, charter school costs, or the breakdown of the family

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 31, 2016

I saw two stories of interest in the Sunday papers, both from local publications. The Tribune-Review had a piece on the line item veto for corrections, where Governor Wolf cut half of their spending. According to the article, the Governor … Read more>

More to place blame than provide direction

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 30, 2016

I didn’t have any events scheduled today. I got to my men’s fellowship, did some office work, visited my mother, and worked on a project at home. I have quite a bit of preparatory work to do before returning to … Read more>

Little, or no savings will occur

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 29, 2016

One of the subjects we voted on this week was a House Resolution to amend the PA constitution. A proposed change to the constitution must be passed by the General Assembly in two consecutive sessions then go to the ballot … Read more>

She continues to do a good job

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 28, 2016

I was at several events in Blair County today including a recognition of the Hollidaysburg Citizen of the Year, Harry Thompson. Harry is a friend of mine. He’s a wonderful gentleman who at a ripe old age, still does more … Read more>

That could create a constitutional mess

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 27, 2016

The Senate’s Special Committee on Address issued their report today, as scheduled. The bottom line is that they recommend the Senate vote on the Attorney General’s removal, but not before the Supreme Court decides to either not hear her King’s … Read more>

We’ll know more after we read the report

Posted by Patrick Schurr | January 26, 2016

Although both the House and the Senate were in session today, the House got all of the attention. The State Government Committee passed SB 501, my Paycheck Protection bill, on a party line vote. They amended the bill by pulling … Read more>