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Too bad legislation doesn’t always work out that way

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 26, 2016

I attended the Williamsburg Farm Show Junior Livestock Auction tonight, my last sale of the year.  I bought a dairy beef.  The kids that raise these animals to market weight take on a lot of responsibility.  There is considerable cost … Read more>

I will support him, as well

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 25, 2016

We were notified today that we will be back in session next Tuesday for the purpose of confirming the nomination of Bruce Beemer for Attorney General.  We have not been told about the committee schedule, yet.  There will have to … Read more>

The problem isn’t going away

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 24, 2016

This week, I read more about the $160,000 of gifts the Philadelphia County DA has taken over the past several years and failed to report on his public Statement of Financial Interests.  The latest news is that the $160,000 figure … Read more>

This beautiful summer evening

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 23, 2016

Had a town hall meeting in Fort Loudon tonight with a lively group.  For the first time ever, I was late for a town hall.  I was coming from the Capitol on the Turnpike and was just finishing a phone … Read more>

Thanks to all who helped get us to this point

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 22, 2016

I took part in an announcement this evening in McConnellsburg with Rep. Jesse Topper, Senator Rich Alloway’s Chief of Staff, a lady from the Governor’s office, the Fish Commission, and the Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake.  Although news leaked out … Read more>

I just can’t seem to catch up

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 21, 2016

The papers were full of Kathleen Kane stories this morning.  The rise and fall bylines were easy pickings for the press.  A frequent side story was about Philly DA Seth Williams.  He has taken cases the AG cast aside during … Read more>

We’re thankful that you did

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 20, 2016

Just got home this evening from the Fulton County Fair.  I bought a pig at the livestock auction that was raised by a girl from the Warfordsburg area.  Charlotte and I got to meet her, her mother and brother, and … Read more>

With Kathleen Kane, there is a lot to cover

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 19, 2016

It seems that the Kathleen Kane news never ends.  There has been speculation this week about the House’s impeachment investigation that was started quite a while ago.  The Chair of the subcommittee charged with the investigation, Representative Todd Stephens, had … Read more>

Leadership has promised a quick process for this nominee

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 18, 2016

The acting Attorney General is receiving mixed reviews from people involved with this office from across the state.  In addition to people unhappy with his work over the years, he is being criticized for his decision to not prosecute Bill … Read more>

When you have a public event, you never know what will happen

Posted by Patrick Schurr | August 17, 2016

I missed a few things I would have normally mentioned in the last two blog posts because of the Kathleen Kane news, and by the way, her lawyers are talking about an appeal.  But, her resignation is still effective as … Read more>