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I am very proud to represent them

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 22, 2014

My first Winterfest parade was this morning in Martinsburg. Fortunately, the rain held off until the trip home. This evening, the Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake had a gun raffle at the McConnellsburg American Legion. They are supposed to raise … Read more>

It’s interesting to see this develop

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 21, 2014

Another former Rendell cabinet secretary was named to a post today by Governor-Elect Wolf. Estelle Richman, former DPW Secretary, was named to the transition team to work with Medicaid expansion. Observers are watching to see how many of Rendell’s former … Read more>

When that trust is broken, it can’t be easily restored

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 20, 2014

I’ve had some interesting experiences with the media this week. I was the subject of the Altoona Mirror’s editorial today. They criticized me for a comment I made last week to the Blair County Chamber about having the legislature set … Read more>

I’m glad someone took this problem to a state agency

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 19, 2014

There was a complaint filed yesterday by a teacher in Williamsport with the PA Labor Relations Board. The complaint addresses the use of union dues for campaigning by the PSEA (teachers union). The complainant’s husband received a campaign mail piece … Read more>

It was good to hear from these folks

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 18, 2014

I met with constituents today at the Hollidaysburg office for several hours, went to a ribbon cutting at the U.S. Hotel in Hollidaysburg, and had a town hall meeting tonight at the Graystone Court in Bellmeade. We had a great … Read more>

I hope they look better than they did last week

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 17, 2014

I was in Harrisburg today for a couple of appointments, a meeting and the ceremonial signing of HB 1773, the Act 47 rewrite. When you’re down there on a non-session day, it’s an entirely different environment, more casual and open. … Read more>

It is a discussion topic between members

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 16, 2014

Most of the newspaper stories I saw today concerned the leadership changes in the legislature. One AP story let the cat out of the bag about discussions of coming back into session before Governor Corbett leaves office. We have had … Read more>

Hard to believe it’s almost Thanksgiving

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 15, 2014

After the leadership elections this week, the phone calls between members have slowed down. I can get a little more work done, finally. I got in a few hours at the office this morning and attended a couple of events … Read more>

There always seems to be misbehavior somewhere in state government

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 14, 2014

News reports say that Attorney General Kathleen Kane has finally disciplined, including firing, some of her own staff who were involved in the email scandal. I haven’t seen any names surface, however. Rumor had it that some of her top … Read more>

They were good kids and had insightful questions

Posted by Patrick Schurr | November 13, 2014

The topic of discussion today was the leadership elections. I did a couple of radio interviews and spoke at the Blair Chamber breakfast this morning. It was clearly the subject that people wanted to hear about. The articles I saw … Read more>