I will not be a vote for tax increases

Posted by Patrick Schurr | June 30, 2016

Tonight, the House concurred with the amendment to the General Appropriations bill, commonly referred to as the budget, and sent it to the Governor for his signature. Reports are that he said he would not sign it until the revenue package is agreed to. The Governor also received the Human Services Code today. The Senate approved the statute of limitations bill by a vote of 49 to 0. The bill will go to the House for concurrence since it was amended in committee. There are a number of budget items remaining including the Tax Code, Fiscal Code, School Code, Non Preferreds, and the revenue bill. Both chambers will be in session tomorrow working on different pieces of the final deal. A variety of taxes are up for discussion, but none are broad-based like sales or income. As I mentioned some time ago, there will be taxes increased to match the high spending number in the GA bill. I will not be a vote for tax increases.


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