The R’s voting with the union D’s were…

Posted by Patrick Schurr | March 2, 2015

We ran an amendment to my Paycheck Protection bill today on the floor. The Democrats, who are bought and paid for by the unions, argued that the bill should first go through the Senate Appropriations Committee since the change would have a financial impact on the state. This argument comes after two years of hearing that there is no cost to collecting union dues through payroll deduction. This is one of those statements that if I didn’t hear it with my own ears, I wouldn’t have believed they said it. Their motion to assign the bill to Approps was defeated, but the amendment itself drew a tie vote, with Lt. Gov. Mike Stack voting with the union D’s to break the tie. Since the Republicans were down one member today, we were able to pass a motion to reconsider the bill and have it on the agenda for future consideration. The Republicans who voted to allow government resources to be used to collect money for political purposes were: John Rafferty, Dominic Pileggi, Stuart Greenleaf, Tom McGarrigle, and Tommy Tomlinson.


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