Maybe the taxpayers can save a little money with this vacancy

Posted by Patrick Schurr | October 29, 2014

The news about the Supreme Court today concerns the filling of the vacancy created by the retirement of Seamus McCaffery. There are a couple of names being floated, one is a former Senator who has been described as very pro abortion. I would hope that the Governor wouldn’t put someone on the court with that position. I don’t know about the timing at this point. We are back in session on November 12th to elect officers. If the appointment can be done by then and we have a hearing on the nominee before session, we could do it then. Otherwise we will either come back or let the position vacant until January. I don’t know the court’s schedule, but I don’t think they’re terribly busy at the end of the year. Since they wouldn’t give back their pay raise and don’t do much to help trim their budget, maybe the taxpayers can save a little money with this vacancy.


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