A larger financial burden on the taxpayers

Posted by Patrick Schurr | July 7, 2015

We received notice today that the Senate will be in session on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. The talks go on daily, however, between the Governor’s office and legislative leadership, which includes certain other members’ offices drawn into specific issues, as needed. I don’t see much movement at this point. The next major concern is what the Governor will do with the pension reform bill. If he takes no action by Friday, the bill becomes law. Although most people are betting he vetoes it, there is a chance he won’t. It is important to listen to what his reasoning is when he announces his vetoes. As I said before, there is confusion surrounding what he does and what he’s expected to do next, because of his conflicted statements. What he says about pension reform is critical because pension expenses are the single largest cost driver in the budget. Every state agency and department testified to that during the Appropriations hearings this Spring. Any attempt to kill pension reform or weaken it further places a larger financial burden on the taxpayers and stretches that burden over a longer period of time.


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