We’ve worked on this animal abuse bill for several years

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 5, 2015

There has been a lot to cover over the past few days. One story that has an impact on the Senate is the motorcycle accident over the weekend involving our Appropriations Committee Chairman Pat Browne. He was badly injured and we have not been told when he is expected back. Please keep him in your prayers. He was the prime sponsor of the pension reform bill that is expected to be introduced soon; Jake Corman will now be the prime on that bill. I had a bill report out of the Judiciary Committee today, “Cordelia’s Law.” This legislation expands the animal abuse law to include horses and provides for an additional definition of abuse, which includes prolonged deprivation of food. The bill was named for a horse that was rescued by a former staff member of mine. The horse died in her care after days of working with vets to bring her back to health. She had been deprived of food for such a long period that they couldn’t save her. Unfortunately, this is not a rare situation. Horses are expensive to maintain and when the economy isn’t good, people sometimes stop caring for them. We’ve worked on this bill for several years and seem to finally have language that all of the stakeholder groups accept. Lastly, this morning was the annual Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast. I hosted five members of my men’s fellowship group, who made the early trip from Blair County (see photo below). We set a new attendance record, received an inspirational message, and had a great time together. You might catch it on PCN.


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