Not good enough for yours

Posted by Patrick Schurr | September 3, 2015

Another recent Altoona Mirror letter to the editor from a teacher’s union member is worthy of mention. Jim Krug, former president of the Altoona union, and author of frequent attacks on anyone who questions the performance or spending of government schools, wrote a scathing criticism of the Catholic Bishop’s decision to consolidate a few of the parochial schools in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocease. I wondered why this union activist would be so concerned about closing what the union deems as competition for them, and schools that take valuable dollars away from what they see as rightfully theirs. It didn’t make sense, until I learned that Mr. Krug’s child attends a parochial school. Sending his child to a school that operates at generally half the cost of a government school, pretty much shoots the argument that we have to raise taxes and increase funding to have a good education. In fact, the entire argument about needed resources being used outside of the government school system just doesn’t fit for Mr. Krug or many public school teachers who have their children enrolled in parochial, private, or charter schools, not to mention those who home school. These teachers tell us what a good job they’re doing and not to pay attention to standardized test scores or other comparative data, and then they quietly send their own children to another school. Mr. Krug, don’t tell us that your school is good enough for our children, but not good enough for yours.


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