This could signal a new era for the PLCB

Posted by Patrick Schurr | May 25, 2016

I had a couple of constituent appointments this morning, a meeting with a municipality concerning an issue, got a few other things done then headed to the Franklin County Assoc. of Township Supervisors’ Spring Banquet where I got to catch up with a lot of the local officials and enjoy a nice picnic dinner. The big news out of Harrisburg today was a ruling by the PLCB to grant licenses to 9 applicants for beer sales at locations that sell gasoline. There are three members of the PA Liquor Control Board including one new appointment. The board had been deadlocked on these applicants for months with the Republican member supporting the licenses and the Democrat member opposing. Today, with a full compliment, all three members voted yes after the Governor made public his support for this action. The organization that represents the beer distributors has the PLCB in court over a similar decision. The PLCB prevailed in Commonwealth Court and the Supreme Court has yet to hear the appeal. Of the 9 licenses, only one was for a location close to the 30th Senatorial District, the Sheetz store on Rte. 22 near Huntingdon. This could signal a new era for the PLCB.


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