We may likely need it

Posted by Patrick Schurr | February 11, 2016

On Tuesday morning at the state capitol, I along with several house members, including Steve Bloom, Will Tallman, John McGinnis, and Judy Ward, had a news conference to discuss our support for various proposals to address budget impasses. Rep. Greg Rothman and I have been working on legislation that would require the funding levels from the previous budget year to continue with a small reduction across the board. As an incentive to finish the budget, the Governor’s office and legislature’s budget lines would be reduced at a higher percentage. Other proposals on this issue have the continued funding at as low as 80% of the previous budget line. Most people looking at this issue agree that continued funding is necessary, not only because of the damage shutting off funding creates, but also so that the continuance of no budget can be used by one party as a tactical advantage. Our group is hoping one of our bills gets passed before June 30th. Given the Governor’s speech and his spending and tax proposals, we may likely need it.


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